Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Web Wednesday Snow days


web wednesday

  • Simple homeschooling has 5 great ideas for this.
  • I love these ideas for what to do on a snow and yet still have school.
  • At the Well gives links and such for what to do on a snow day that would still be dealing with school.
  • The Pioneer woman  gives you a look into her day when there is a snow day in Atlanta. Which I am guess there is not that many of them *smile* But me living in Nebraska well we get plenty.
  • I absolutely love Lisa’s blog The 2nd Generation Homeschooling. She also give you some great tips for what to do.
  • Snow Much Fun is also a great read on snow days

I hope you all got some ideas for what you can do on your next snow day. Be creative and have fun!

  God Bless


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