Monday, March 5, 2012

Spring cleaning and home improvement

We are taking a spring break right now, but in the mist of spring break we are spring cleaning and doing some other home improvements. The kids are doing great helping us out.

My wonderful husband has been awesome doing things inside and out. He just installed carpet in our entry way. It was so needed. The carpet was here since the house was built. Here are a few pictures of this project.


Boys helping with the demolition.



Installing the pad


The finished product!!



I thought that my living room needed a make over. I forgot to take a before picture but I found one on my facebook page of the boys playing the Wii. I just felt like everything was so congested and I didn’t have enough room to put the things I needed in my living room without adding something So I have been looking around for a while now and trying to decide what to do to this room, But I gave myself a $100 budget. I know that doesn't sound like much but that was my goal. I knew what I wanted it to look like but not sure how to get that with out spend a ton of money. I looked in furniture store and online and figured out what I wanted it to look like. Then I went to good ole Wal-mart and looked and wondered around then I decided to get 2 tall book shelves $27 each and a tv stand $24 that was skinny and 2 baskets $6 each. I hated how our other one stuck out so far and made the room feel so small. The living room is so small to begin with.

Here is my before picture


I wish it was a picture of the whole room but you can tell that we have large furniture because we had a house before that our living was huge so having bulky furniture was great.


This just made the room look so much bigger. I just love it! Can you see the star quilt hanging on the wall? That is one of my very favorite quilts I have made and the designers of it The Buggy Barn, the ladies signed it after I took a class from them. I want to frame it to finish it off.


See how big our couches are. I forgot I added a new curtain a couple of weeks ago. We had vertical blinds and they were old and they were missing a few pieces so they had to go!


These 2 shelves have our school books on them. The bottom one has all our text and work books and the next one up is our book basket for the library.

I am so happy that we got these 2 things finished so far. But I have much more that we are doing right now too. I will be showing off the rest too. I can’t wait to get the house back to normal so we can function normal again. We will be back at schooling again on the 12th. Now lets hoe that we are finished with everything by then :)

  God Bless,



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    1. Thank you :) I love to have a clean organized home and sometimes we need to take the time to get it back to normal.


Have a Blessed day.