Saturday, January 7, 2012

Curriculum list for 2012-2013


SO it may sound a little early but I am have been looking for my next years curriculum to order. We will get it with our tax refund. I had a lot of mind changes while I was going through what I wanted to use for the kids. Should I stay with the same curriculum or change? I guess I did a little of both. It will be hard not to open up the new stuff and get started on it. I will try my hardest I promise.

I will go through by subject.  So here we go.


Vinny ~ Math U see


Will ~ Schoolaid Math "Continuing Numbers with Spunky"


Croix ~ Math U see Primer


Language Arts

Vinny ~ Climbing into Good English


Will ~ Climbing into good English



Vinny Will & Croix ~ Considering Gods Creation

science a


Vinny Will & Croix ~ Story of the world Vol 1



Vinny ~ Handwriting without tears

vinny writin

Will ~ willwriting



As you can see our science and history we will be doing them all together just like we always do.With these they will be note booking at the same time. I am also sticking with math U see for Vinny and Croix he is doing his primer. I wanted to try this math curriculum with Will that I found. It is actually made for an Amish school house. Same for the English curriculum. I am pretty excited about them. Plus they are very inexpensive. As for the handwriting we have never done a formal hand writing program but I think we really need to.

I am very excited to get these ordered I am sure there will be pictures and a lot of excitement!

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