Monday, January 9, 2012

School day 1/9/12

I am very happy to say that my little man that we for some crazy reason sent him to public school is now back home!! I am so happy he decided public school was just not for him.

So here is what we did today.


Here is Butterfinger doing his math. I don’t know if you can see that he is using graph paper. We started using it because he started doing long multiplication and he was getting mixed up on where to carry his numbers over to. Then this would make him get the problems wrong. This has helped out a lot. Here is the link to the paper. Here is the link to the site she has so much you can use for homeschool and home use.



Here is Tootsie-Roll doing his wrap ups. Man we love these things! He does these after he did these after he finished  his math paper.


He he is reading time for him. After he was finished with his language arts, spelling and copy work he read on his own for 30mins then out loud to me for 10min.


Then it was time for Snickers reading lesson.



He is doing such an awesome job! He will be reading books in no time!!


Here is Butterfinger doing copy work.


Next he is reading Fifty famous people by James Baldwin written in 1912. This is from the Robinson curriculum. You can either print out the books or you can do some searching and find then. I try to buy the actual books. I bought this one at a local thrift  store which has a lot of the books I need for the curriculum. The ones I cant buy I print them. He is loving this book.

Then we did out Road trip USA together. We did not do science because we will be doing that tomorrow.I hope you enjoyed a look at a small part of  our day today. Next we have to go to the dentist today. fun fun Smile

     God Bless,



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