Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning (the Santa gifts)







So I am guilty of one thing this year which was not taking very many pictures this Christmas morning. We do not have a huge deal Christmas morning. Santa just brings one present per child and it is nothing to big. We are not big on the whole Santa thing, but we will participate in it till we do not have kids that still think he is real.

Christmas morning was a very  laid back morning like normal. I was awoken by the voice of my baby Snickers saying in the cutest little voice “mommy its Christmas, good morning”. What a sweet heart this little guy is. When the kids get up in the morning they do not have to wait to open presents because at our house Santa leaves them un wrapped. He delivered legos for the boys so he or his elves (aka mom and dad)had to build the lego sets. Brooke was not out there that morning when I was awoke by that sweet voice she had already grabbed her gift (make up case) and headed back down to her lair for some more zzzzz’s. This teenager can not get enough sleep. I do think I remember being just like that when I was her age. We hung out the rest of the morning in our new pj’s. Then that afternoon my parents came to each lunch at our house and then we went over there for present time. Man are my kids spoiled! We still ave 2 more Christmases to go. on New years eve and Mew years day.

Have a happy and safe New Year

God Bless


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