Saturday, September 17, 2011

Magnifying glass + chocolate = fun for boys!!

We are doing the  Apologia Astronomy for science and we are having a blast so far we have may a solar system and today we burned a chocolate bar. We have been talking about the sun and how harmful it is to your eyes. Butterfinger gave a little speech on this subject which he gets to present at our homeschool group meeting. Here it is.

Never stare at the Sun!

The sun is pretty but very dangerous to look at. It can cause bad damage to your eyes. It can cause blindness and you don’t even know its happening because your retina has no nerves in it. The sun is very bright and hot it burns your eyes for 92,935,700 miles away! So never stare at the sun!

The reasoning behind using a magnifying glass to burn melt chocolate is the glass represents you eye because it is curved and shows what can happen to your retina with out you even knowing it is happening.So here is what we did when we went out side.

school 028school 025school 031

can you see the smoke?

school 036

If you hold it there long enough there will be flames.

school 037school 038school 041

So we couldn’t leave well enough alone so we had to try something else. Tootsie Roll wanted to do the leaf.

school 042

Well needless to say I gave the magnifying glass back to my dad where I barrowed it from. I didn’t need these boys to sneak off with it and burn anything else. It was a fun project and show hands on that the sun is very dangerous.


  1. Jen, you guys are just on fire over there! I've enjoyed reading about all the fun things you are doing! Your family's journey has been so fun to watch. {Hugs}

  2. Thank you! It has been so much fun this year.


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