Thursday, September 15, 2011

Letter B

We are working on the letter B. I do have to say I was very excited when Croix boy had an eye opening more like an ear opening moment. He figured out that when letters are part of sounds that make a word. So I tell him this we sing songs to make sounds but this day when we were saying things that started with the letter B he was amazed and said “Brookie starts with B mom!” I do have to say I was a little beside myself with excitement! We high fived and clapped and then went about our way saying more words with the letter B. As I have said before we are using the Letter of the Week by Confessions of a Homeschooler.

Letter B 016 

Here he is showing us what letter we are doing.

Letter B 001

He is doing his coloring page here. I don’t know why he is not coloring in the lines today but I guess that doesn’t matter if he he is doing it with a happy heart. He was kind of upset about it being a girl picture so that may be why.

Letter B 002

Next he sorted Large, Medium, and Small.

Letter B 014Letter B 015

Next we practiced writing the letter B. Today he insisted on starting at the bottom of the page.

Letter B 004 

He actually loves to match up the Big letters and Little letters.

Letter B 010

Now this is such a great Idea for learning to write your letters. You use a push pin or tooth pick to poke the paper. It is a fun way for them to learn the shapes of the letter. You can even do this with shapes and words to help with recognition.I am thinking when we start learning phonics combinations and sight words we will use this too. As he pokes I have him say the letter the sound and then we think of words that start with the letter too.

Letter B 011 

Here he is practicing writhing his numbers. I have laminated them with clear contact paper so we can use them over and over again.

Letter B 005Letter B 008

This just totally amazed me today. He did this all by himself except for the number 7. I have not ever really focused on recognizing the numbers. He can count to 50 and we do things with numbers but I have never pushed it. So this goes to show even if you just expose them to something just little bits at a time they will learn it! The only thing I do with him with numbers is the practice writing them and we say the numbers while we do that and I show him throughout the day if I see or he asks me what  number is that. What a little sponge this little guy is!

Letter B 009

Then we worked on patterns.

Letter B 018Letter B 019

I love these kinds of books where they can help you read! Croix thinks this is so cool when he can help me read a book. This book was all about Bugs and most of the bugs started with the letter B. I try to find books like this. I hope I can find more.

I am so proud of my Croix Boy that he is learning so fast! He loves homeschool and tells everyone about it. I pray this excitement for learning will stay with him.

God Bless


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