Thursday, September 15, 2011

A day with Will

Today was an amazing Monday! Everyone go to work with no arguments! We started out with a yummy breakfast. One of their favorites called breakfast cake. I am a big believer that if you start the day with a full belly it will make that day go so much better.

Today I had my camera out during my one on one time with Will. So here are a few shots of him today!

school 007

Here he is working on his math. He is currently using Math-u-see.

school 008school 009

Language Arts is our next one on one subject. Today he was working on phonics using hard and soft “c”.

school 010school 011

Nest we did our spelling test. As you can see he got a 100%!!

school 012school 013

Then we move on to reading. We use the McGuffy readers. We are moving right along in this book. Soon he will be in the next level which I do have to say Will is very excited about that.

school 014school 015school 016school 017

Next we read a few books from our book basket. These ones are a little lower then his reading level but he was learning some difficult words in his McGuffy reader today and I felt like he needed to be able to read something that he would feel like he was reading smoothly.

I feel so blessed to have each of my children home with me everyday and have the ability to teach them at home as God has asked our family too. The blessings that our family have received from following what he has asked us is immeasurable!

God Bless