Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a random day……


Croix practicing his cutting skills. He is loving his curriculum this year! I cant wait to get more pictures taken to show you all.


Will working on hand writing. His hand writing is getting better already! If you look closely I painted Croix and Wills desks with chalk board paint. They are enjoying that. It comes in handy if I need them to be patient while I am helping someone else. 


Vinny using Switched on School house. It is a great program but it will take some getting use too. Brooke and Vinny both are using Switched on school house for school this year. Since I am working right now we figured it would b best for them to do his.Brooke is really liking it Vinny has some reservations about the program but I think that it is because it is more challenging then what he wants but this is a great thing because I don’t want him just to flout by on the minimum. He is a very smart kid and I love watching him blossom.

When I get more time I will take more pictures an let you see what we are doing in detail.

God Bless,                                                                         Jen

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