Friday, April 15, 2011

Confessions of a Homeschooler

I am sorry to you all that I have not posted for awhile but I just have been super busy lately. For some of you may know I am part of our local Celebrate Recovery group. And we just got that off the ground. Tonight was our 3 week!! We have been having a great turn out and I see Gods work at hand here in the group. It does take up 3 nights a week and hoping soon we will be shorting this soon. But since we are just starting out we are meeting often as the leaders to make sure everything is working smoothly.

I would like to share with you the program we are using for Croix. I could just tell that he is ready to learn more and have more structure. I follow this ladies blog for awhile now and I do love her blog so much! Here Blog is here we are using the Letter of the Week program she designed. You can download it all free piece by piece or you can buy the whole program for $10 for the download or $16 for the CD to be sent to you. I have bought all of her curriculum. She has a few Expedition Earth: A Journey Through God’s World. I am so excited to use this with Will and Croix. But first I will us he other one called Road Trip USA: A Journey across the United States. This one I will be using next year for then both. I wanted to get them both to see which one I wanted to do first. The were both very cheap too. She did a great job planning them both. On the CD’s you also have lesson plans along with making your own passports that you will be able to put the stickers either for the countries or states you visit. There re tons of fun worksheets, awesome activities to do. WOW she just worked so hard and did a wonderful job on it! She has also made an K4 Expansion pack to challenge the preschoolers, help with beginning math, beginning reading and much more. She has mad this all so affordable for anyone. God bless her!!


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