Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jonah study week 1

On Wednesday we started our bible study on Jonah. Well I have to say so far I LOVE it!! Priscilla Shirer is very down to earth in her video that we watched. First we watch a video then through out the week we do some of our own work. During the video she made us all realize so much about ourselves. She talks about how Jonah is the one prophet that when God calls him to do something he runs. How many of us when God calls us to do something we run because it is not in our life plans at that moment. She talks about how we have life interruptions, in her life she talks about how her and her husband decided that they were done having children and then guess what God does?..... Well he blesses then with another baby. Wow well that is always a surprise. For Jonah God asks Jonah to go preach to a city that Jonah feels is hopeless. How many times do we feel when God calls us to do something and we feel its is hopeless so what is the use? Priscilla goes on to say how our interruptions that we have are really Divine Intervention. Now if we look at them that way how many times would we have welcomed Gods interventions with open arms? I am working on this right now I have faithfully given my life over to Him and I am going to try my hardest to welcome these "interruptions" with open arms and just go forward in faith. I am right now working on one of those. God has shown me a few things in the Bible that well most of us in today's world have thrown these things out the window saying that they were just customs of the time but no where in the scripture does it say to us that well if the world decides we are not to do these things then its okay. Now I have to stay faithful that God is leading me in the right direction, let me reword that I am faithful that God is leading me in the right direction. I am so excited to see what all he has in store for me and my family now.

God bless,

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