Saturday, February 5, 2011

Its so cold......

Wow it is so cold lately. I am not liking it at all. We had -15 temps and that is just crazy! Today it wasn't so bad but man it is still too cold for me. There are some days I wish I could live in a warmer state but I am not sure I want to leave Nebraska anytime soon.

This week for school we have just been having one of those week that we just do it and then go cuddle up in a warm blanket. I think that for most days Brooke has not taken her PJs off till at least lunch time. Croix has really not been doing to much with preschool but we are still rolling. I think he is just have an off week. I think it must be the weather.

Brooke and I have been working on sewing projects a lot this week. Brooke is making some flannel pajama pants. When she is finished I will post them.

Sorry I have not been updating as much, I have been doing a lot of Bible studying. It has been amazing reading through Gods word. I will try to get back at it. Time management is the key here.

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