Wednesday, December 22, 2010


So today is December 22nd. We are all just waiting for the big day. You would think the kids were more excited then I, but I beg to differ. I Love , Love to see their faces light up when they open their gifts. I can't wait for that moment. We did not go all out this Christmas by any means. But I know that the few gifts we have gotten them will make them very happy.

My brother and his family will be here tomorrow around noon. I believe the plan is to go do some shopping just us adults then we will come back to town. I am thinking if the winery is open here in town us girls can go there for a little bit. Who knows? I am very excited to see my nephew that I have not yet met. Vince and I have also decided to make it less stressful this year and we are not cooking we are going to order in!! Whoot Whoot!! We just want to enjoy our company and not worry about the rest of the stuff.

On Christmas day we will be going out of town to Vince's aunt and uncles house to see his moms side. The on New Years day we will be traveling again to see his dads side. Lots of driving. But lots of family time. I want my kids to be able to build close relationships with family. I am not close with mine because we all live so far apart. My aunts and uncles all live so far away we would have to take at least a week to see them.

Family is one of my favorite parts about this season but the best part of all is that we celebrate the birth of Christ. God himself came here and died for our sins. What a beautiful thing! He loves us all so much!

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