Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Program 2010

Here is Will Doing some actions to the songs.

A close up of Vinny and his make up. If you look close he has his eyes closed and they still look opened but that would be because we painted eyes on his eyelids. He is dressed up as an alien.

Croix doing some actions to on of the songs. He sure does make a handsome cowboy :)

Croix making sure we see him!

Vinny being one of the three wise man.

Will is Iron man

Some of the main speaking parts.

What a bunch of cute kids!

Here is the main girl and her mom.

This years Christmas program was so stinking cute! The story was about a girl and her mom going shopping and she doesn't really get the real meaning of Christmas. So her mom leaves her in the toy store while she finishes up her shopping. While the little girl is in the store she falls asleep and then the toys all come to life. The toys are confused what Christmas is really about so the little girl tells them the story of Christ birth and they act it out using the different toys. They use the barbie as Mary, captain America as Joseph, cowboys as the shepherds and the aliens as the 3 wise men. In the end the girl realizes what is most important during this time of year which is giving and caring for others. The program was such a sweet program.

I love Christmas time. When we get to see all of our families. I wish I could see my side more but they live so far away. My brother Bobby and his wife and kids will be coming over on the 23rd, we will be having my parents and Patrick ( my youngest brother) over too and have supper. On Christmas day we are driving out of town to see Vince's mothers side for the day. Then on the 1st of January we will be going to see Vince's Dads side. I'm sure there will be lots of food and fun this year!!

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