Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Field trip to the Heartland museum

This wall was so moving and awesome all at the same time. What it was, was a wall for visitors to put the names of fallen or active soldiers on these post its.
This statue was made I beleive by the middle schoolers in Lexington for Veterans day last year.

Vinny pretending to fly this chopper

Here are a few photos of our field trip to The Heartland Museum on Nov. 19th. A little late for Veterans day but at least the kids were able to see some military things and were able to appreciate what our military does for us and how they keep us safe! They also enjoyed being able to get on to a few of the vehicles. Our tour guide Gary was awesome he great with the children, okay if you look through the pictures close there are way more boys then girls and well the boys are VERY BOY!! They wanted to get on everything and pretend to shoot everything. Oh boy....sigh.... They had fun and learned a lot of interesting facts. This will be a great yearly field trip. They are constantly add new items.

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