Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Well Its Tuesday and we all slept in hehehe!! So we had a late start. But that is the wonderful thing about home school where if you know your kiddos need a few extra zzzz's all you have to do is just let them sleep in.

It was Great because everyone got their work done fairly quickly. I think if I would have woken them up on time they would have all been cranky and it would of been a huge struggle for me this morning getting them all motivated.

Today we started South America, we learned where it is located and discussed the different countries in South America. We will be learning about the rain forest , The Amazon river and we are also going to learn about the cultures and the religions of the countries.

In Science we are learning about the solar system. It will be lots of fun we are going to be making a model of the solar system out of styrofoam balls. Stay tuned for pictures for that. It will be lots of fun painting those things.

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