Sunday, October 26, 2014

Big Family Problems series #1

I would like to address some big family problems maybe you are having or maybe it's just me. Some will be silly and some will be serious but I thought I would just share a few. 

Do you see all those fun post with families getting together for a fun trip to the movies and wonder why your family never gets invited to these kinds of things?

I do. I know, I know, that's something silly to be thinking about but I think I figured it out. We just have too many kids. Yep I said it. We have too many kids. 

I don't think I have too many kids but I think others probably get overwhelmed when they even think about inviting us to something like a movie night or to go sledding. 

I wish it wasn't that way but I'm pretty sure I scare the heck out of my friends. 

Plus we have mostly boys so that may be something to do with it too. We are kind of a ruff family. But we are lots of fun. 

We try to make sure we get out and do things together as much as possible but I still think it would be fun to join another family every once in a while. I have tried inviting others to come with but it usually doesn't work out because we are kind of a spur of the moment kinda family. 

What I really think it is I miss is the adults that would be with us. Don't get me wrong I love hanging out with my kids. I just feel like we are missing out on something here. Maybe we are not. 

Am I the only one? Am I being Vain? I don't know but this is just one of the things that have saddened me since I had more then 2 kids. Now that we are adding a 6th here in May. Eeeeek!!! I'm sure we will be thought of as even more crazy. 

Until my next Big Family Problems post. 

God Bless,

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  1. Congratulations on the news about #6!!!!!

    Our family is "too big" too. #8 is supposed to arrive in January, and our adoption homestudy is complete, and we're waiting to hear whether we pass muster to adopt a sibling set we think might be a good fit for us (and us for them).

    Actually, I don't mind being too big anymore . . . most activities are more fun on a family scale anyway--outings with friends are mostly social, and I'd rather just meet them at a park or something where our sheer numbers don't matter so much. :)


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