Thursday, September 11, 2014

Staying organized "Bullet Journaling"

I am a very forgetful person......

Trust me I am. 

Sad I know! But that is me. If I don't write it down my brain just throws it out until 3am and then I remember. Then I can't sleep. 

So I have been using planners, sticky notes, note books. Then I came upon a video about "Bullet Journalling" and decided to give it a try. 

I didn't buy the graft paper books like recommended so I bought these 3 little notebooks that were .97 each. I glued and taped them together and decorated it. I think next time I will buy one of those pretty leather bound journals. They were 9$ and I didn't want to spend that much on something I didn't know if I would like it. 

Watch this video for more details. 

Now here is my bullet journal. 

This is the front cover. I just used scapbooking paper and stickers then I used some laminate sheets to protect it. 

 Here is my "key" and index page. Every time you make a page you add it to this page for quick reference. Then I made a little pocket in the inside cover. 

My first 2 pages I ripped these out of my planner. The actual bullet journal does this part different. But I like a calendar. 

This is where you put each day in and you use you symbols from the key and add your appointments and tasks ect. Then you check them off as you finish them or if you don't get them finished you move them to the next day. 

I added pretty stickers and then some dividers for each day. You can make it pretty if you want. I just use fun pens because that's just how I do things. 

I decribe myself as organized chaos! *smile*

Here is an example of a page you would right in the index. I just put my daily chores on this page so I remember which day to do what. So when I am adding tasks to my days I can take a quick look at this. I think I will put a tab on this page so I can find it faster. 

This page is for my work at home job. I make vinyl signs so I write them down or I will forget. As I finish them I color in the square. 

This system seems to be working great for me! I have a hard time with a super organized planner because I need to write down things as they come up. I can adapt this system however I would like. 

I hope this is clear as mud. Lol! Any questions, comment below. 

God Bless,

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