Monday, April 14, 2014

Homemade butter

First off. I love butter!

This could be why my "butt" is the size it is 😜

Maybe this why there is "butt" in butter. 

Well we all love butter in our house. But that is a good thing. Butter is a good fat to eat. 

I do not alway make butter but it is sooooo much better. 

What even makes this batch even better is that it's from "raw" milk. There's nothing better then fresh milk that was milked the day before. 

So when I get my milk it is whole milk. It has all the cream in it. So I just scoop some of the cream of the top and used that to make the butter (I leave some in there that makes the milk a very good source of fat) You can use heavy  cream from the store for this also. 

This is so easy to do. And all you need is a blender. I'm sure you can use a food processor but my blender is just handier for me to use. 

Step1: place cream into blender and turn on. It may take about 3 minutes or so. It will first look lik whipped cream, then it will look a little chunky but it's still not done. You need to wait until it separates. It will be a little yellow colored and have a watery liquid called buttermilk. 

Do you see how it has separated? Wait until it looks like this. 

Step 2: now you will need to separate the buttermilk from the butter. I use a colander and let it drip into a bowl. I save the buttermilk to cook with or drink. It is yummy. I even use a cheese cloth and put the butter in to sop up more of the liquid. You could use a paper towel. 
Here is the butter and the buttermilk

Now you can leave the butter as is or you can salt it a little bit. Or ad garlic to it to make some yummy garlic butter. 

Now go and enjoy. 

God Bless,

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