Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day 2013

We had a nice relaxing Christmas Day. We normally try to stay home on Christmas Day and again we were able to do it again this year. We did invite my parents over for supper. I mad beef and noodles which was a request from my hubby. He request this for any holiday meal. I am pretty sure it is because it reminds him of his grandma because that is what she makes for holiday meals. Isn't it funny how food is a trigger for happy memories? When I  eat avacodos I think of my grandpa, makes me smile. 

Here are a few pictures from Christmas morning. 
 Brooke always asks for money so we gave it to her in ones and added Moneopoly money to it in a big bag. He he *smile*

Vinny received an iPod and a blue rock through er. We also a couple of months ago we bought him a shotgun and took him out turkey and duck hunting , but he needs to work on shooting so we thought blue rock would be a good way to help him with that. 

Will also got an iPod and a game. I just love his hair in this picture. 

Now Croix as you can see has the best expressions when it comes to opening Christmas gifts! Love it!

Drake had fun just playing with the paper. Such a cutie!

Here are a few shots from when my parents came over. 

It was a great day! Hope all you a a great CHRISTmas day too. 

God Bless, 

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