Thursday, June 20, 2013

Air Show

We were super busy last weekend. First we went to a 5k run/walk that was to raise money for the cheerleaders. I do have to say I proved everyone wrong because no one thought I would actually finish it. Well I not only finished but I even jogged part of it!! Vince and I did it along with Drake in his stroller. I wish I would of taken pictures but I forgot to take my camera.

We then left right after the 5k and went on to the air show. I was a bit nervous about taking Drake to it. Him only being 8 weeks old I thought it would be too loud. It actually was not too bad. We met up with Vince’s dad and grandpa and enjoyed their company. We were pleasantly surprised when we saw that some more family members were there also.

We were in a hurry to get there a bit early because they were doing free airplane rides for kids so we wanted to make sure that our kiddos got to ride. Brooke didn’t want to ride, she said it was because she has rode on airplanes before. Poor Croix was very sad when we found out that he had to be 8 to ride on one. They were doing helicopter rides so Vince asked how much that was and got them 2 tickets to go on that. They all had a blast while mommy was about to get sick watching them go up in a plane. I have a fear of flying just a tad. Reason being when I was a 12 I was flying home by myself and the planes engine went out and we had to make an emergency landing. I still fly but I have to be medicated. I hope one day this will pass.

I have a few pictures from the air show I will share with you all.


The plane Will and Vinny went on.




Croix and Daddy waiting for their turn.


Heading to the chopper.



Here they are coming off.


Look at that smile!


My hot and sweaty Drake. We had to find a cool place and they he was so much better. We had to make a trip to the suburban also but he did great.


This was cool when the plane landed on the vehicle.




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