Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Drake’s Birth story.


Yikes!! Here I am before I had our little boy. You do have to excuse me for the way I look. I got probably 2 hours of sleep that night and we had to be at the hospital by 6am. Being a scheduled c-section you usually have to go in pretty early in the morning. But we made it all the way to 39 weeks!! Which was my goal.

I was pretty sure at this point I was going to have a 9 pound baby. I was very large and pretty darn swollen. As I am writing this I am pretty excited to say that I have ankles and shins again!!


Here I am all strapped up and ready to go. First off the spinal went well no pain during that. I started to feel warm and I was laid down on the table and now they had to get me all ready. After they got me all prepped they called Vince into the room. At this point we were very excited to meet our little man.

So my doctor got started and all was going well from what we knew. My doctors were very calm so we had no idea until later that there was an actual emergency happening. I did hear my doctor ask for the forceps which I thought was weird for a c-section. What was happening at this point was that when the doctor cut into my uterus my the placenta was anterior meaning it was in the front and he cut thru it and it detached and they had to get baby Drake out quickly because I was bleeding out and so was Drake. This is why he need the forceps was to get him out as quick as possible.



Welcome baby Drake!! Now they are working on baby Drake and me at the same time. My doctor is closing me up and the peds are working on Drake. Then the part I hate is when they kinda just show me him and take him off to the NICU. Vince was able to go with him.

After I was all put back together I was wheeled into my room to recover. I was assuming that I was going to be able to snuggle with my new baby in just a few minutes and that is when I found out that Drake was struggling and was in the NICU. My nurses were super sweet trying to keep me updated with out stressing me. After what seemed like forever Vince came into my room with the camera to show me pictures of him and to let me know what was going one.

He was not pinking up on his own and was stressed from the birth. They had him on oxygen they put an IV in his little arm. His blood pressure was not at a normal level either. He ended up staying in the NICU for 3 hours before I was able to see him.





I was so excited when Drake showed up in my room. I could not wait to hold him. First thing I did was strip him down and have him skin to skin. He snuggled right up to me and fell asleep and then was able to nurse when ever he needed. It is so awesome how God has made little babies and they know when they are on their mommy and they can find the breast on their own.

What an amazing gift we have here. We feel so blessed to have another life entrusted to us. I am going to say this and I know some people will think I am crazy but I do hope God blesses us again with another baby sometime.


Croix and Drake


Will and Drake


Vinny and Drake


Brooke and Drake


God Bless,


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