Thursday, March 21, 2013

Just saying Hi!

I am here enjoying these last few weeks of pregnancy. I am am loving feeling this little man moving and kicking me *smile* I still can’t believe it is almost over. Vince was just saying to me the other day “I don’t remember you not being pregnant”. Isn't that funny how being pregnant for 9 months seem so long to our husbands. Yet in another sentence he says he is not ready yet. Nope we are not ready but he will be here sooner then we think.

I am 35 weeks today!! I have a picture to share that I took last week when I was 34 weeks that I will share with you. Everything is going good with the pregnancy. I am experiencing a new thing this time around which are the Braxton Hicks which I have to say are very painful. I thought they were just supposed to be pressure but man do they feel like real contractions. I was told by my doctor to stay off my feet for part of the day to make sure they do not get to regular. I have them everyday through out each day. Makes me a bit nervous. Vince has informed me that my only job right now for the next few weeks is to keep that baby inside me so to not worry about the house and laundry. He is so sweet and calls me through out the day making sure that I am not doing anything. Other then the Braxton Hicks and swelling everything is going great!


Yep that’s one big belly Smile

We have been enjoying our nice days (when we get them). We have taken a few walks to the park to get out of the house. A big bummer right now is that we are supposed to be getting some yucky weather here in the next few days. We did happen to head to the park the other day and saw some other homeschool friends there so that was fun.


Here is Croix saying he is the “king of the mountain!” while we were at the park. We forgot to bring something to feed the ducks but we just enjoyed watching them.

I have quite a few friends that are expecting and have had babies. So the other weekend I was one of the hostesses for my dear friend Julie’s baby shower. We did a mustache theme for this shower. It was a lot of fun.


Here is the cake I had made for it. One of my other dear friends Gwen makes some awesome cakes. Isn't this awesome!!


Here we are with the new mommy. She is the one right next to me in the middle. The young lady on the right had her beautiful baby in November. I also had a friend just the last weekend have her baby in the comfort of her own home. She had a boy also.

Seeing all these cute baby boys is getting me so excited!! We have finally settled on a first name for our little boy. We are not telling anyone yet because I know once I tell people we will change our minds so we will announce it when we have him. We have yet to figure out a middle name. Since the first name we pick is not a family name (which I am a fan of family names) we will be using a family name for the middle name. I am sure it will come to us soon.


Here is a picture of the quilt I made for him. This is not the pattern I was going to use for him but I decided I didn’t what to make something that was going to take me more then just a few days to make. With all of my swelling sitting at the sewing machine. This picture does not do justice for the colors. I have been crocheting a few things for some friends that are having babies. I am crocheting to help me stay off my feet.



Here are a couple of pictures of my cute diaper covers that I have bought for this little guy. I am so loving the Fox one. I just bought it the other day when I went to the doctor. I got these along with some Pre fold diapers and flat diapers for them to cover. These covers are called a one size that will fit 8-30 pounds. So these will save some money in the long run. When Croix was a baby we used cloth also but we used the fancy new kinds of diapers and we had so many problems with the fabrics causing rashes and things like that I am sticking with natural fibers this time and the prefolds and flat diapers are considered what our grand mothers used but the wash out so much nicer and they didn’t give him rashes. After I spend a ton of money on the other diapers I had to spend more on buying the others after spending all that money. This time I am not making that mistake. I do have a few of the other kinds of diapers to see if they will work for us. And they will be nice for sitters to use because they work just like a disposable diaper you don’t have to worry about folding the diapers or anything you just out it on.


As for school we have been doing as much as we can. But I do have to say that there are days I get behind with it and we wait until daddy gets home to help us out. Vince had a great point which made me feel so much better because I have been well freaking out a bit about not getting as much done as I think we need to. He said you know being pregnant and having a new born is not something that will happen all the time and that if we don’t get all the school things done everyday it will be okay.

Croix has started his new reading books that I ordered. He is doing well with them. He is right now doing the beginning of them which is review but that is okay. Will has started division which he was pretty scared to start and he is doing great!! Vinny has started to do some pretty hard things in math that I was nervous about for him yet he has picked up on them super fast!

Well I hope to get another post before this baby is born. We could use some prayers to keep this guy where he is for a few more weeks.


God Bless,


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