Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time4learning was this my answer from above?


This is not my full review not even close, but I did want to give you all an update on how this Curriculum review is going. Well I will have to say first off I am thinking that me being asked to do this review is a God thing completely! I have been so scared of how I am going to do school when the baby comes and I may have just had it handed to me. I have been praying about this and searching for the perfect thing. Well I may have just found it. Praise the Lord!! We will have to add to it here and there with the library and things like that. Which I would have to with any thing we would be doing with any other thing also.

As you know that Vinny is already using a computer based school this year called Switched on School house. He likes it and has asked to do it for next year. Well after he has done this program for a couple of days he is not sure which one he wants to do. We literally roll on the floor laughing while doing some of these lessons. I have sat thru a few with him just to see what it is all about and I have to say they get their point across right along with adding some very funny things. Language arts is the funniest so far. All of the subjects have challenged him quite a bit which is awesome!

With Will he is loving it also. The stories they use are very engaging and informative. He yells to me “MOM! You have to come see this!”

Croix is a little different. He has a mixture of grade levels and not sure where he actually fits in. Also he does not enjoy the Kindergarten stuff because it is to “baby” as he says for him. I am thinking that is my fault because we do not do those funny silly songs to learn different things like most preschool and kindergartens do so I think he thinks they are silly. Sadly they do not have a lot of lessons for this age for Science so we finished all of the lessons in the first few days. What I do with him is I give hime free range of the site and he does as much as he wants and he loves science that he did all of it so fast.

Well there is a quick look at how this review is going. But most of all I had to Praise God for giving me this chance because I would of not even did the trial offer before if it was not given to me free. I love the reminders that God will always provide if we just ask. I asked and finally gave it over to Him and He delivered.

So until next time when you see the complete review.

God Bless,


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