Thursday, December 13, 2012

What Will is reading.

We do a lot of reading at the Leibert house. I just thought I would share what Will is reading these past couple of days. We use The Robinson Curriculum for our reading list and much more we use from this curriculum. Here is the book list that we use.


The life of George Washington has been a very interesting book to read. This book starts from the very beginning of his life.

tale of jolly robbin

The Tale of Jolly Robin. Will is the 3rd one to read both of these books. Vinny and Brooke both told him that this was one of their favorite books.This book is not just a sill tale of a bird it is a science book also. When you read this book you will meet all of his friends (animal) and you will learn all about how each of these animals interact with each other and how they live. I recommend this book and all of the other Arthur Scott Bailey books. He does a great job.

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