Sunday, December 23, 2012

I am so spoiled!! An early Christmas gift.

Well this Christmas and all others my husband asks me what I would like. Well he hates it when I give him items for the kitchen. This year I told him that I really do need a few things for the kitchen and that is all I wanted. Not something that was just pretty. So here was my list in order of necessity.

  1. Stainless steel family skillet
  2. tea kettle
  3. coffee pot

Well guess what he got me. The one thing that was last on my list but he gave me one that was way fancier then I would of ever thought. My coffee  pot as of right now took about 30 minutes to brew about 4 cups of coffee. That was even after I have cleaned it in many ways including a vinegar rinse. So I had picked out a few things at the store and showed them what I would like. The coffee pot was just a coffee pot but was the colors I wanted.

Well to make sure he gets me something that I needed but was not at all what I expected. He gave me this!


See I told you I am spoiled! What great ,sweet, caring, loving husband I have. I am normally the one that thinks we need to get a good quality with not a lot of frills. But he wants to make sure that I still get a few things with frills.

So this morning was the cup of coffee I brewed using the k-cups that it came with and I do have to say it was yummy! I did brew a cup of sleepy time tea last night before bed. Which I did not know that you can brew teas with this too. I went on the web site and there are over 200 flavors of beverages that you can get for this. Including things like teas, coffees, holt of cold teas, fruit drinks and hot coco.

Well now you have seen my gift. Now it is time for seeing my children’s eyes light up on Christmas morning. This is the best part of the Christmas season. The most important one it we are celebrating the birth of Jesus. I do love reading the story of Jesus birth to the kids. We do make sure we separate the real meaning for the tree and all things that we do here in America for Christmas. I really do not like that we mix them together. But that is me.

I do discuss with the kids as they get old enough to understand the story of why and who started Christmas on December 25. That way they become completely separate from each other.We do Santa, we do the tree and lights but it is completely separate part from Jesus birth. I do not know if this is the right way to do this but, this is how we do it.

God Bless you all and have a Merry Christmas,


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