Monday, November 26, 2012

Halloween 2012

I hadn't gotten around to posting anything lately. Sorry I am going to play the I'm pregnant card *smile*.

I normally don't allow the kids to dress in scary costumes but this year I guess I didn't feel like fighting with everyone.

We did have fun making the costumes this year. Vince happened to have the day off so we worked on them that day.

Vinnys costume is about a movie Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter. Vince had an old suit that didn't fit so he used that and white shirt and some pants. Vince then made a silver tipped ax for him. He didn't come trick or treating he and Brooke had youth group costume party which he won!

Will was a ghost. I made a white hat then we used cheese cloth for the rest and painted his face to look well dead.

Croix was a lot of fun. He wanted to be Batman but I thought that we could do something unique.  So I saw that Walmart had their Christmas stuff out and had aan idea and we decided to make him a Christmas present. I made this out of a box and wrapping paper. I made it so he could open it up and have a bag inside to receive candy. He was a hit!

Brooke would not let me take a picture of her but she was a ninja.

We had a great time with them walking around town. But I did have to go home early because I ended up getting the stomach flu. But Vince finished out the night with them. I can't wait until next year and how our family will be one more bigger. Smile

God Bless,

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