Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hello y’all do you remember me?

Sorry I have not been around much lately. We have lots and lots of things going on over here in the Leibert house. I know you all are probably pretty busy with life too. I just felt I needed to focus on a few things before I get back into daily writing. I have a lot of fun pictures to show you all too when we get things settled here at the home front. Big things are happening well they are in the works but not sure if they will happen. Praying they will.

I have also been focusing on Gods word lately more then just my normal reading in the morning. I have things that God has shown me I need to work on and truly the only way to work on those is to fill yourself up in His Word.

School has been going well lately. We are focusing on reading with Vinny as of right now. I do feel bad but we didn’t realize he was struggling. He has been doing his assignments and doing pretty good but as I started seeing little things then realizing that he is not reading up to the level I thought he was we have just began to focus on this area with him. I am having him read out loud to me everyday which I did before and then had him doing all his reading to himself except for when he would read to the younger ones out loud or bible verses. So anyway some how he has slipped behind and so this is what we are focusing on with him. Just the little amount of time of having him read everything out loud to me has made a huge difference. I am not sure if this was caused by the lack of reading during the summer or what. But he is improving each day in large strides Praise the Lord! The McGuffy readers have been a heaven sent to us which is what we are using for all of the boys.

Will has been doing pretty good. He hates math, okay he acts like he hates math because it take him so long to finish his lesson. I think he is just bored. He is so smart yet I don’t know where to place him in math. There are things he has yet to learn so I can’t just give him the next grade level so we have started crossing off some of his problems that he does not need to work on in his lessons and that has seemed to help. The one thing that drives me nuts is that it takes him forever to do his lesson but once he decides to do it he finishes the whole lesson in less then 15 minutes so I know he knows it he just is showing his string will in choosing not to do it when it is time to do it. I set a timer for them for math so if they need more time they just do it on their own after we are done with the rest of the day. Well he will sit there looking at his paper drawing on it and just not doing it for 30 minutes and when I give the 15 minute warning he just gets it done I always say to him why don’t you do it before then and be done ad start on the rest of your school and get done early and he just smiles. Little stinker!! But I still love him.

Croix is well doing kindergarten as you know and doing great. We have not did a set time for him yet during the school day to do his work but I feel that is best because I do not what him hating school. He is only 5 will be 6 in November and a boy so getting that combo to sit still for a long period of time is will a hard one. So we curl up on my bed and do his stuff there most days and he is flying thru his books. I am thinking he will be done early and then not sure what we will do.

Then there is Brooke. Man is this girl busy. She is up a 5am every school day to go to cheer practice at 5:30am then at least 2 evening a week or a whole Saturday she has to cheer. She comes home from school everyday and does the same thing. She grabs a snack and goes to take a nap until about 6pm then up until she can go back to bed and then the day starts over. I think it is a little much for her. Luckily she has been able to keep up with her school work at school so she doesn’t have to bring it home and do it. She is still dong worship band for church and doing her 2 bible studies a week which is keeping her well rounded.  God has big plans for this young woman and I almost can’t wait to find out what they are.

I have been told to take it easy so this has been a new thing for me. I have a few medical things going on that have caused me to put the breaks on my normal way of life. I trust God with all my heart and He will see to this and heal me. But until then I have to do very little which is driving me nuts! This will pass and all will be back to normal before I know it. I will explain all this in a later post.

God has been amazing to us. He has shown His love for us by answering prayers and giving us a miracle (I will post about later). I am not sure when I will post again but since I am stuck sitting on my hind side I may be able to get some blogging done and show you all what we have been up too lately. Until next time.

  God Bless,


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