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My Cleaning Schedule



I love this saying by Martin Luther~ “ What you do in your house is worth as much as if you did it up in Heaven for our Lord God. We should accustom ourselves to think of our position and work as sacred and well-pleasing to God, not an account of position or work, but an account of the word of faith from which the obedience and work flows".”

I wanted to start this off with this saying from Martin Luther because it has such great encouragement for us women. Once I realized that keeping a house clean is not for me but it is for my Lord and my family cleaning became more enjoyable. As I clean I listen to up beat worship music and praise the Lord while I work. I do it as if I were up in Heaven. Now to do this we have to think differently about cleaning, then just cleaning up and then watching it get messed up again. We have to do it as if the Lord will be here in our homes. If you think about it He is always in our homes. Now isn't it easier to relax and invite the Lord into our hearts and to enjoy time with our families if our house is not full of clutter and dirt. I hope I can help you make this a bit easier for you. I am going to give you my cleaning schedule that I use that you can change it up to what works best for you.

I have 2 sections to this one is My weekly schedule and my daily up keep. First off I am going to start with my weekly schedule. Just remember that these are for my house just change it up to fit you.

Weekly Schedule

Monday : Bathroom ~ tub, toilet, sink. floors, shelf, mirror, wash trashcan out, Straighten up under sink I also clean up my laundry room this day too.

Tuesday : Bedrooms – wash bedding (hang out quilts to air out I only wash them when they need it) organize dressers , dust, trash, and vacuum.

Wednesday : Kitchen ~  (addition to daily up keep) Organize pantry, clean frig and microwave. Oven once a month. coffee pot, wipe down appliances & cupboards, wipe down trash cans and organize 1-2 drawers.

Thursday : Living room entry way & halls – Vacuum, dust, mop, pull out furniture, wipe walls and make menu for the week.

Friday : grocery and errand day  This is the day I do my errands and we sometimes go to the grocery store.

Saturday : Outside work – Clean up trash in yard that has blown in, pull weeds, mow, clean out dog pin, organize toys, clean out cars,

Sunday : Spend the day with the family and rest.

When you break the rooms up thru out the week it makes it a lot easier to tackle. After you get thru your house the first time and you do your daily up keep the weekly cleaning will not take much time at all. Some people have a dining room and more then one bathroom. I also have the children help me out with each job. especially the bedrooms. I work in there with them and we get the room done in no time at all.

Daily Up Keep

Make Beds ~ if kids can do this let them make them

Laundry ~ 2 loads per day Monday ~ Friday, wipe down washer and dryer, fold and put away clothes straight away.

Dishes ~ after each meal, sweep floor after each meal, wipe counter and table off

10 minute tidy ~ set timer 3 times a day and pick and area to tidy up

Shed Junk ~ Set timer for 10 minutes to tackle one area that you need to shed junk. If its not pretty or useful toss it.

This daily up keep is essential to keeping the house in order each day. You may not have time to do 3 sets of 10 minute tidy but try. I love my kitchen timer it actually makes us work faster. It is kind of fun watching the kids working fast to do the 10 minute tidy's. It makes it feel like it is not too much to do.

When I do the dishes I make sure I sweep the floors and wipe down the counters and the table after each meal.

As for laundry you may not have to do 2 loads per day or maybe you have to do more then 2 each day. But to figure this out do 2 loads per day Monday – Friday and then you should know if you need to do more or less. There will be those days that you have to do more then 2 because of a night time accident or sick babies.

Shedding Junk is very important. The less stuff you have then less mess you make.

I hope this helps you all in some way. If you you one or all of these ideas. I didn’t make these up myself I have gotten them from many wonderful blogs written by women that love the Lord and take there job as a homemaker and help meet to heart.

I love my calling the Lord has given me. A Help meet for my wonderful husband and a homemaker. I take this calling very seriously. But first and for most I love my Heavenly Father. As I follow Him he teaches me to be a better help meet and homemaker. He helps me understand that this job here on earth of being a wife and mother is more important then bringing extra money into our home for all the extra stuff. This is why we live only with in our means. We do not have new cars, fancy furniture, big t.v.’s, or take big trips. We are saving up for a big family trip that we will take maybe in a few years but we will wait and that is alright with us. It took us a while to get used to living the way we do but I believe that most mothers can stay home if they just pray and listen to what God tells you to change. There are some that have no other choice and I hope that this schedule can help you get your house in order or makes it easier to keep up.

God Bless,


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