Thursday, August 16, 2012

No more acne for me!!!!

Just thought I would share a great help that I found for acne.  First off I would like to tell you I had no problems with acne until I turned 30 and after that it was horrible! I went from having a clear face to those big painful zits. Not just on my face they were on my neck and back also.
So I was reading a natural remedy site and saw all of these ideas.  I was overwhelmed by all the ideas. I am one of those people that does not need a 5 minute face cleaning 3 times a day. So I picked the easiest thing and tweeked it a bit.
What I do every morning before bed is take a washcloth and wet it with water and wipe my face and neck off.  I then take a cotton round and put a bit of organic apple cider vinegar on it and wipe again with that. I know it stinks it takes about 20 minutes for the stink to be all gone. Its really not that bad.
The first night they were smaller then got smaller each day. Now today I have a couple along my chin and that is because I have a habit of touching my face there.
I hope this can help someone. And you need to get the organic kind like the picture the stuff at Walmart is not even real. It is the culture in the organic vinegar that makes this work.

God Bless,

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