Thursday, May 17, 2012

Summer schedule

I know that most homeschoolers in my area take a summer break along with the public school kids but as I remember when my kiddos were in public school they spent most of there first few weeks of school re learning things from the year before. I myself do not like the idea of having to redo what we already went thru the year before. With that said we will not be doing a full days worth of work during the summer just a little. So here is what we will be doing this summer.

We first of all will be doing the summer reading program at the library that they off each summer.


For math he will be doing half of a page a day in his workbook. I am not sure if I will have him do the top half then the bottom or odds on day and evens the next. I think it will depend on the page. We use Study time math for him. If you click on the picture below it will take you to it on Rod and Staff publications.

5th grade math


For reading he will read daily at least 30 minutes but 2 times a week he will read from his Pathway reader and answer questions to the story in his workbook.

pathway reader 5th grade

Science once a week he will do this subject.

5th grade science

Social studies he will also do once a week.

5th grade social

So here is how the boys schedule will look for the week.

Monday- math, pathway readers

Tuesday- math pathway readers

Wednesday- math, Science, 30 mins reading

Thursday- math Social studies, 30 mins reading

Fridays – read 30 mins.

Tootsie Roll

He will have the same schedule as Butterfinger. But I will add pictures of what he is using and the pictures will link to the website its self.

2ndgrade math

pathway reader 2nd grade

2nd grade science

2nd grade social


If you noticed I have bought all of these book from one place. I do have to say I love Rod and Staff. Their shipping was so fast even though I pick the slowest cheapest shipping time. Also they as so nice. I am thinking we will be using this company for next school year. They also have such great prices too!

I almost forgot about Snickers. He is doing their Kindergarten program they don’t call it Kindergarten. They have 2 levels of preschool 3-4 and 4-5 years we went with the 4-5 some of it is very easy for him but that is ok we are just practicing doing school. Sitting in one place for a little bit and doing some school. We also do hands on things and some computer programs . Once he finishes his 4-5 curriculum he will start the 1st grade stuff. Well slowly I don’t want him to start to not like school yet I don’t want him to be bored.


This is a picture of what you get with the curriculum.He is having fun at it too. We are also learning to read too.

I hope your summers go great too!!

    God Bless


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