Tuesday, March 6, 2012

My new toys!!

I just wanted to show off my new toys that my wonderful husband gave me to oaky to buy!


I had just finished mixing up some dough for some bread and rolls so it is rising in the bowl here. I was able to buy the professional model too!


looks yummy huh?


Then here is my long time awaited grain mill. I have a hand crank one but I am just not able to make everything with fresh grain because the hand crank one was just too hard on my shoulder. But I love my mill it works so fast, cleans up with just a shake, and there is no dust flying around while it is running!


Here it is put together. This lid comes off after and you snap it on the man part to store it and then it comes with another lid that you use to store your fresh ground flour in, I store mine in the freeze to keep it fresh.


This is the hopper it holds a lot of grain.

I am so happy that I was able to buy these 2 things. They have both made my life so much easier. Every time I use them I think of my wonderful husband. If he is here I make sure to tell him thank you. This may sound silly but I do. When I am able to have something that makes my life just a little easier and helps me save time it makes me so happy.

  God Bless,


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