Thursday, January 12, 2012

Learning numbers with Spunky

So we were a little excited in our household today when the mail man came! He brought us a box with “Tootsie rolls” math books! We have Math U see for him but he is not a fan of it. So to make math a little more fun I ordered these and they came today! When we opened the package I was pleasantly surprised at these wonderful books! I was a little nervous when I ordered them because they are such a reasonable price that you just never know. With this set you get 2 workbooks and a teachers manual for only $26! When I was paying twice that much before.
When you open the workbook you see simple hand drawn pictures through out. These books are intended for an Amish school house they keep them simple yet intriguing, We will be starting in the second book. My little man Snickers will be using the 1st book next fall. The way he is going now we may use it sooner. 
I suggest you give there site a look see. Pathway Reading
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