Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Web–Wednesday Keeping toddlers busy while homeschooling.

web wednesday

Even though I do not have a toddler anymore I thought some of you would be interested in this topic. I know I had a challenging time trying to keep my wee one busy while I was helping my bigger ones. I do have to say that you need to cherish this time in your life because it will soon end and then you look back sad that it went by so fast.

I did use a few of these things. The thing I did that worked the best was having special school time things for them to do. I would not let him have all of them in one do. I had separate containers or bags to keep each thing in and set them out each day for him to do. Switch them out often. I would go to Target to the dollar bins and get things. They all have lots of things. I also loved the dot a dot paints.

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