Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Web Wednesday ~ organizing your homeschool room.

web wednesday
Okay its been awhile since I did a Web ~ Wednesday but I figured I would get back to it. I was thinking about organizing my school stuff again …..sigh…… and figured while I am researching I will just post them on here and maybe you all can get some ideas.
Well the big reason why I am reorganizing my homeschool stuff is because we decided to let everyone have their own rooms now. It was kind of a necessity on my part because they were just getting into each others stuff and not going to bed so my sanity needed saving. So now I have to figure out what to do with the school stuff…blah….
  • Well first of all here are the basics on ehow
  • Here is a site I have never stumbled on before which looks pretty good on Homeschool Curriculum for life
  • I absolutely love Mamma Jenn’s blog Here is here class room.
  • Our country road has some ideas for a bigger area.
  • Now this lady I like her idea because it is reasonable at a day in the life of she uses many rooms to school and and stores her stuff in what she already has.
  • Okay I LOVE LOVE LOVE My life on a taffy pull. she is such an amazing mother and example I just love seeing her new post. Here is her school room
  • So I spent hours looking at this site. She has all these pictures of different school rooms and has their links. You will have fun with this one. I was drooling as I was looking.
Here are a few pictures I found of some great ideas

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