Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New math books!


Oh man was Tootsie Roll excited to start his new math today!


He started in the second book. The first book is kindergarten and beginning of 1st grade work. So Snickers started the first one. I think I am going to go further in the 2nd book with Tootsie Roll because it seemed pretty easy for him.



Here is Snickers doing his math book for the first time too!



Butterfinger working on his math.

So on Fridays we do not do as much school as we do the rest of the week. They do math and read. We always make sure that Math and Reading get done daily.


Here is a picture of our yummy Girl scout cookies that little miss Kit Kat got last night at her meeting. This year they are doing something different with the cookies. They get tall the cookies to sell before you sell them. Which is nice for the fact that when they buy them they get their cookies right away. And you don’t have to chase the people down to deliver cookies. But the bad part is that they are in my house and I am going to have to be disciplined sigh….. pray for me please.

Have a great day!

God bless


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