Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Library class

The Lexington Librarian has graciously offered to hold a class for our homeschool group twice a month. Miss Brenda does such a great job with story hour every week that there is no doubt  she will do amazing. Well she did! So we read 2 wonderful books by Max Lucado.

You Are Special (Hardback)If Only I Had A Green Nose (Hardback)

These are Christian books that have such a wonderful story in them. These 2 talked about how being exactly the way God made you is perfect.

Before Miss Brenda started us reading we did a get to know you game. This was fun. what we did was everyone stood in a circle and we had a ball of yarn and we tossed it to each other. Before we tossed it to some one else we would say our name and something we liked. This was because Miss Brenda didn’t quite know everyone here. It ended up being a web of sorts.



Next she began to read to us. She is such a great story teller!


Well during our story time someone was tired.


And fell asleep on my lap. It was so sweet.

Next the kids made an acrostic poem using their names and to use words that describe how special they each are.


You got to love Tootsie Rolls poem Willing, Impressive, Lucky,Loyal. So cute!








What a fun time we all had. I am so excited about doing these classes all year. It will give us all another chance to get out with other weird homeschooled kids LOL!! I had to say it I know that is what some people think. This group of kids is so amazing and I love each and everyone of them. What a blessing their mothers are to me too. Until next time.

God Bless


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