Friday, September 9, 2011

School day #12……. 9-6-11

school day 9- 003 







I gave Vinny a light on his desk and I think he thinks he has to point it directly at what ever he is doing. What a goof.

school day 9- 004








Will Working on math here. What a silly boy. Today as I was taking pictures he just kept on making silly faces today. It must just be a silly boy day.

school day 9- 016



Croix being his cute little self. He just thinks he is hot stuff in his desk like the big kids.I do not have any pictures of Brookie today because she said her hair was to much of a mess today and she didn’t want to be on my blog if she looked like that.

So here is how we start out class room time. We start with calendar time well for the little ones. The bigger ones get started on there studies I think they watch and wish secretly that they were younger so they could do the fun songs and the board.

school day 9- 008school day 9- 009school day 9- 010school day 9- 011school day 9- 012

Croix usually does all the weather charts then Will changes the days and numbers. He also makes the date in money. I just put some sticky Velcro on the back of some change and he places the ones he needs. This has been helping him with the names of money.

After calendar time Will starts math and Language arts. I give him directions then I start with some preschool time with Croix. Today we did something's on animals. I don’t school him a ton. We do some worksheet things and mostly play learn. He is still just too young to be expected to sit at a desk for an extended amount of time. So he plays with hands on things like play dough, preschool games and puzzles. We read and do a few worksheets that deal with his writing and letter recognition. He is doing pretty good this year. I am still not planning to start him at full time school yet I am thinking when he is 6 turning 7 we will start. Until then we will learn our letters numbers some adding and a little subtraction and once he recognizes the letters we will start a reading program that I used for Will. Here are a few pictures of what Croix did today.

school day 9- 002school day 9- 006school day 9- 017school day 9- 018school day 9- 020school day 9- 022school day 9- 024school day 9- 025school day 9- 026school day 9- 029

After Croix had enough of school it was about time for lunch. We had and easy lunch today PB&J. The we went for a walk around our block our block consists of a park too so it is pretty big. The boys rode their bikes and Brooke and I walk and had an awesome chat. I love those special talks. I pray that we will always be able to talk like this.

We came back from our walk and they all finished up what they were working on before we had lunch. Next was one on one with Vinny then Will. They both spend time reading out loud to me. Next we start Science and social studies. We are doing unit studies with VInny and Will. Today we hung out on my bed and did them. It was kind of fun. I think we may do that more often.

school day 9- 030school day 9- 031school day 9- 033school day 9- 032

We worked on our lap books for Road Trip USA. Our state for today was Maryland. We learned all kinds of fun facts. Vinnys favorite parte was learning about the USS Constellation. Will love how they had Blue crabs.

All in all today was a GREAT day!! School went off with out any big issues. I love my job as a mother/ teacher. I would never trade it for anything.

God Bless



  1. I love that you're blogging about this. What a great way to preserve those wonderful school memories! I'm a little (lot) jealous of your school room.


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