Thursday, September 8, 2011

Picture Day

Since we do not get to have our pictures done with the school we had our very own photo shoot done my yours truly. SO on the big day I went to go and get the clothes that I had in mind for the pictures and well like you would expect they were not going to work. Vinnys shirt was too big Croixs shirt had a stain and Will did not have a one pair of jeans in his drawer that did not have a stain or hole in them. I buttoned and tucked and rolled Vinnys shirt to make it work, then I found a shirt that Croix could use and as for Will we had to make a trip to the store so we stopped at Goodwill first and they had nothing in his size I found all sorts of stuff in Vinnys size but not Will. Next we went to Wal-mart and he had to try on 4 pairs before we found one that fit his skinny little hinny. So with mission completed I came home and Brooke was upset in her room she didn’t want to wear her Jean skirt I had picked out for her. Problem solved by just switching up the skirts. We were set hair combed clothes right off we went to the park for our photo shoot. This is how excited they were about the whole thing.

pictureday 121

This was one of the first ones I did they did not like the idea of this one so this is what I got but I think it actually turned out pretty neat.

pictureday 110 

My little man Croix. What a cutie pie!

pictureday 114

Will just looks so handsome!!

pictureday 113

My boys…..

pictureday 119

My clan!

pictureday 123pictureday 126pictureday 129pictureday 130pictureday 135pictureday 131

What a beauty I have on my hands!!

pictureday 138pictureday 142pictureday 143pictureday 148pictureday 149pictureday 159pictureday 162pictureday 163pictureday 164pictureday 166

Silly faces!

pictureday 178pictureday 179pictureday 182pictureday 196pictureday 188pictureday 194pictureday 197pictureday 199

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