Friday, February 11, 2011

Random Monday Homeschooling

Here Brooke was learning about different kinds of rocks. She asked the boys to come over and then she told them all about them. Just another beautiful part about homeschooling is the older ones teach the younger ones just from excitement of learning something new!

This just happens to be a board with different kinds of rocks on it that I totally forgot about until Brooke was talking about what she was learning in science and I remembered I had this. It was nice to have something hands on for her and the boys to look at besides the pictures in the books.

Vinny being a goof

Will working on his math. He is so smart! He is 4 lesson from finishing his this years math book. He is advancing wonderfully. This is what I wanted for my children is to be able to let them excel at their own pace!!

Here is a little math help that I made to help get those multiplication facts memorized. He just matches the answers that are in the little envelope with the problems. This seems to be helping him a lot.

Brooke reading in her science book. Does she look like she is enjoying?? Do be fooled she does enjoy it she just wont say it out loud, she just gets excited and tells me about what she is learning. So I know she is enjoying it.

So here are some pictures of Will well being Will. I just love this guy so much he has such and awesome personality.

So this was just a random Monday in our Homeschool. This adventure in life is so amazing! Vince an I both just are amazed at how well they are each progressing so well. They left school behind of their peers and the teachers telling us that we are not doing enough at home with them, to just seeing the advancements these last 2 years are such a blessing from God! I know God has lead us in this adventure and he also led us to the curriculum's that we are using. Math u see has help so much with math skills so much so that Brooke and Will are advanced and Vinny has caught up now with his age group! For the rest of school we use the Robinson Curriculum has given them the confidence and respect for themselves that they are great learners and they are really smart.

The joys that we have daily are so amazing. Sure we have fights and stubbornness on some days but those days help us learn and grow closer together, and with the love of Christ in our home helps it so much!


  1. looks like fun times! Love your school room,and I've always been interested in the Robinson curriculum!

    much grace and peace to you,

  2. Thank you we love our school room too. We have been working on getting it just right for a while now. We also LOVE the Robinson Curriculum.


Have a Blessed day.