Thursday, February 10, 2011

Preschool time

Here Croix is playing his shopping cart game. He matches the color of the food to the right cart.

All done! Also doing some weird had move he just made up :) Got to love 4 year olds!!

He also Loves puzzles. This one is one of his favorite one. He love Micky Mouse.

All done and all by himself!!

These are some cards I made using an big stamp and some stickers to make the words for each number,

Then he takes the little clothes pins and outs the right amount on each card.

I did these because I know he can count past 20 but recognizing the numbers is what he needs to work on. So I thought this should help with this.

Such a big boy. We are so proud of our little man with all of his hard work (really its more fun) it is paying off. Just the little things like doing puzzles with number and letters really does help them with recognizing them later on. I am really trying not to do all those silly workbook pages of boring work that we just throw away. I do have to say I am having fun putting things together for him. :)

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