Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Work boxes for week of Jan, 24

This is Will's reader. He is doing so awesome reading!!

Vinny just today finished The Tale of Paddy Muskrat and now he is
is starting The Bobbsey Twins The mystery at Snow Lodge

Brooke is Reading The Bobbsey Twins at school and she says she
Loves it! I was afraid she wouldn't like it because the kids
are younger then her in this book but she actually likes it, :)

Here is Wills Language Arts he is doing. I got this from
My Fathers World

Brooke loves to write and she actually asked me for a
Language arts work book so here it is.

Vinny is reading The life of George Washington for History

Brooke is reading about Christopher Columbus for History

Here is Will science we are doing Farm animals this week

I found this science text at an antique store
this is the one Vinny is reading and loves it!

I found this one at the antique store too Brooke is reading about stars
right now.

Here is Wills math he is almost done with this book!
He started it at about week 4 of school and he is just
moving right along. Go Will!!

Here is Vinny's math. He was struggling with math so we switched
him to Math u see and he is doing great he
is starting to catch up :)

Brooke finished her 7th grade math book and just started this one
she is enjoying it. She says she loves how it goes though everything thing in

The most important time in our school is our devotion time and journal time.
For Will I am just reading to him out of this Young Folks Bible then
we discuss it. I am enjoying reading it to him and Croix.
I am also using the Bible as his history for Will.

Here is Vinnys devotional that he is doing right now. He read
his devotion for the day which he is really relating with. The
he journals about anything he wants.

Here is Brooke devotion. This is a 1 year devotion so she is just going
along with what day it is.

In the Robinson Curriculum he does not tell you you have to do a formal
Language arts he says to have the children write daily(which we do) and then you as a parent
check it and have them fix their mistakes. My fear is that I am not checking them well enough
so I add a Language arts for them well mainly for my own sanity.

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