Wednesday, January 26, 2011

jumping into preschool!!

Oh I am so excited about doing preschool for Croix. The best part about Croix is that he will not have to go to public school. I get to start him out fresh! I have been trying to find just the right stuff for him. I have found a blog that I just love and she has all kinds of free downloads that you can use. So as I type I am downloading things from her blog going back and forth. Her blog is Confessions of a Homeschooler her preschool stuff is free if you download it individually which is fine with me. I am putting them on a jump drive and taking them to be printed.

Another blog that I have found that I am falling in love with is My Life on a Taffy Pull. She is so great to read. She has a growing family and a very beautiful one at that. She has so many great ideas on what to do for the preschool age kiddos too! I love her school room you have to check ti out!

I am also trying to decide if I should buy him and actual curriculum for next year to get him on a schedule or if I should just do it when he wants to. Most importantly I will ask God for his guidance with our adventure with Croix. He will direct me to where we need to take Croix. I still can not believe he is my baby and he is 4 it makes me so sad :( I have had the kids ask me from time to time if we are going to give them another brother or sister and I just tell them that is in Gods hands and if He thinks we deserve more children he will give us more.


  1. I just wing it for preschool. I start phonics when the student seems eager and ready. We work on colors, counting, shapes, simple addition and subtraction, and lots of read alouds. I enjoy the last days before the little ones have to start school!

    I hope you continue to love the Robinson Curriculum. We've been using it more or less for about six years. I think the independent study idea is wonderful for a mom with lots of different ages.

  2. I just wanted to make sure he was ready before I started with him I want him to always love learning.

    As for us sticking with RC Yes I believe we will I just love how they are enjoying it themselves. Its like they figured out they can learn so much from reading and now they enjoy it!!


Have a Blessed day.