Monday, January 31, 2011

Today at school

Here Vinny is reading The Bobbsey twins the Mystery at snow lodge. He is enjoying this book very much so! He seems to reading thought it pretty fast and comprehending it well too. This is the main point of reading is to understand what you have read.

Reading History; The Life of George Washington. He is really liking this book.

He studied about How plants depend on animals. The animal that was discussed were bees.
Vinny holding his science book

Yep Croix is a goof!

So today Croix decided that he didn't want to do school today so I tried to make it fun and have him count to me while I take pictures of how many he showed me. So he can show me 1 and after that he decided to be done with it today. What I did get him to do today was some tracing and counting so that counts for something.

So here Croix decided he needed a snack. I believe his exact words were "mommy pleeeeeeeezzzzee can I have some jello" preceded by this cute face.

Scratching Flashes belly could this be considered part of school? Well they all thought it could be part of science. Brooke said well watch Will scratch Flash and his leg shakes. Why is that? Hmmmmm??? I guess it could be considered a science experiment. :)

Okay so now back to work for real :) As you can see Will decided not to use a chair today

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