Thursday, January 27, 2011

A preschoolers hard work

Here is Croix working on writing. What I did here is just printed off these pages that I found on Donna young site called Printing readiness. After I printed them I laminated them with some clear contact paper I bought from wal-mart for around $5 and he traces them using dry erase markers.

What Croix is doing is learning counting. What he does is place markers on each empty square and then tells me what the number is. Today he wanted to use dice to count with. We sometimes use pom pom balls, change and what ever else he feels like counting with. All I did as you can see is write the number and then add empy squares and then I laminated the sheet so we can use them over and over. Doing this simple thing he is now able to recognize about 5 numbers by just pointing them out!! I got this idea off My Life on a taffy pull.

Here is another simple thing I made. This is one of our many "file folders" that I have put together. I have bought some preschool work books and decided it was to boring just writing in them and then through them away now that to me is a waste of money and why not make them fun. So what I did is found some pictures in the books colored them cut them out, laminate and then all he does is just match them to the right crayon on the file folder.

Here Croix is making patterns with wooden bead. He loves doing this.

We have been having a blast doing preschool! I was excited yet nervous about doing preschool because I figured I would not have the patience for it or any ideas to do it. But all my searching has sparked a lot of ideas :) Croix is progressing so much in just the short time I have been doing preschool with him. I am so blessed :)

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