Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun with animals

I found this book at Sam's club for under $10. There is over 350 pages in this work book

Will coloring the picture at the end of the horse story

This workbook was a great find this year. We just started using it last week. Will is enjoying it. The work book is sectioned off into 15 different sections. We started in the middle of the book with the farm animal section. We were reading about a farm in one of his readers so I just decided to go with that. In each section they have a little story about one of the animals in the section. At the end of the story there is a coloring picture for them to do. In the Farm animal section the story was on horses. In the story it talked about the classification of the horses, what they are used for, their size and so on it was very informative yet engaging.

In the Robinson Curriculum that we use it is mostly reading which I love about that but I felt like Will needed so hands on work too. That is why we started this book to go along with RC. I just have to be careful of not adding to much extras because that is where we get burned out and feel like school is a chore instead of fun learning to learn.

The sections are; Arctic and Antarctic Land and Sea animals, North America Animals, Asian Animals, Central and South American Animals, Australian Animals, African Animals, Reptiles, Animals That Live in the Water, Farm Animals, Favorite Pets, Science and Animals, Animals Facts and Fun, then there is an answer key.

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