Friday, January 28, 2011

See You at The Poll

Brooke is in the pink hoodie, green t-shirt, and red pants

I was browsing through pictures on my computer and found these.
I totally forgot about this awesome day!

Some of you may know about this day. It happens once a year
at the beginning of the school year. Since you all know our kids
do not go to public school so I just drove her there that morning.
Well what "See you at the Poll" is all about praying over the school,
students, teachers, government, city, anything you can think of
they pray about. It is such a remarkable thing they these
kids do for their community.

They started it out by meeting at the flag poll around 7:30am and
they began by singing worship music. Then as more students came
then broke up into smaller groups and prayed then they got into
one big circle as you can see in the pictures and they all held hands
and prayed together. It was such a beautiful sight.
Then to see the on lookers watching and wondering what they
were all up and watching some of them get the courage to join in
it was an amazing sight. The Lord is so awesome and
he can do anything. To watch some of these children this year
be saved because of other students it the best. I feel so blessed
that my children know Christ and tell their friends about him
when ever they can. I know that the Lord has blessed me
with such a wonderful family and all that I have I praise him for
it. He is such a wonderful loving God.

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