Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The craziness

Ok the craziness all started when decided to jump on the wagon with the workbox system. Well we just started it it and I LOVE IT!! But getting there was the challenge. So I read every blog I could find on workboxes. I went to wal-mart and went searching for the perfect boxes for our room. I found some but I couldn't buy all that I needed they were only $4 each but when you times that by 4 kids it is a little expensive. With using the Robinson Curriculum I don't need as many boxes as most use but I still need around 6-8 boxes per kid. So what I ended up getting was 4 boxes each for the 3 older kids. Fo r Croix I bought a few cheaper boxes they were the size of shoe boxes. So I was happy with all that and decided to just buy a few more later on.

I proceeded to set the system up and I was at a loss of how to do this. This is where the craziness started. I spent hours in the room and just couldn't seem to get it right. So then Vince had the day off and he said how about we go shopping to find something to make the room work. So we spent the morning and afternoon going from store to store and for a few things but nothing that made me very happy. I did end up getting a cube shelving unit that I do like and you can add more to it which is the best part. As I was setting up the unit I had a thought pop into my head and i said to Vince "Hey babe I have an idea" and he said "Yes dear" With that oh no look he has when he know he will have extra work in store. I said" how about we move the school room to upstairs in the little boys room and move the boys to the room downstairs?" He looked at me with that are you serious look. But my darling husband being the wonderful man that he is he said ok where do we start. So that started the craziness.

That evening we moved the beds and everything around. I have the room all set up but I will post pictures later of it. I have to say I LOVE our new room. It makes it so much easier for me to do my house hold chores and am able to keep the kids all under control. You all know the bickering that kids do when mom leaves the room. Well they normally wait till I am upstairs then they stat thinking I can't hear them but I am hoping this will help out. Plus there is more room in this room for us to have our stuff.

I will get to taking pictures of the room i the next couple of days.

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