Friday, February 19, 2010

Home school group

So today was our home school group here in our little town. There are not to many families but it is always fun to go. Today we made pretzels and learned where pretzels came from. It is a pretty cool story of a Monk who was trying to give incentives for praying. So what he did was made a pretzel and thought it looked like hands praying. So when the children would reach their goals he would give them one. So it was a big treat for those kids! So what we did was talk about praying and made pretzels and cute little coloring craft. The the older kids went into their Political Science class today. Their class was on the Constitution Of the United states. I am wishing about now that we we doing social studies on America but its okay because Brooke will know all about the Constitution when we get there. All and all today was a good day!

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