Saturday, January 12, 2008

Home improvments with 4 kids

Oh boy this has been quite an interesting day. My husband came out of the bathroom today and said "hey we should do the bathroom this weekend". We I was all for it because or bathroom is in desperate need of a well make over! Funds are tight so we can only paint but it is sooooo needed. It has old wallpaper falling and a few patches need some loving care.So we get started taking off the wall paper, It was fun at first cuz my two older kids help peeling it was fun. You all know it is addictive to peel something especially your skin after it is heeling after a burn you know what I mean. Well the fun lasted till about lunch time when we took a break and not even near being done. By that time we had figured out that there were several layers a paper. I hear those stories all the time about people taking off paper and finding like 6 layers a paper well it happened to us. So after lunch the kids decide hey did not want to help any more so we were like ok then play nicely HAHAHAH!! well that lasted 3 min. and then they stared fighting well there is alot of fighting in our house cuz we have 3 boys and 1 girl. Will our 3 year old was being so good but by then he was getting bored of just sitting and watching t.v. We just kept telling him just a little bit well a little bit turned it to all day and it is 10 pm now and my hubby is in there still peeling wall paper.

I feel so bad for my kids cuz I have totally out them on the back burner today and our tempers with them were unfair to them they were only wanting some mommy and daddy time. They are now in bed and I feel so bad for not being fair. It was not like we were these big mean parents today but we were just so consumed with getting this done that well you know we yelled a little too much today. Well tomorrow we will be still working on the bathroom. We decided to texture the walls so that is why it taking us so much longer and I just hope we get it done tomorrow, and I will pray for more patience tonight before I go to bed. Well this is the life of a mother of 4.

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